Mentoring program for Leaders

The next Mentoring Program

January – June, 2021


You can participate in the program as a mentor or a mentee.


Mentor – a senior manager for whom it is important to obtain practical training as a coaching mentor and to support manager from another organisation regarding important topics and development issues.

Mentee – a middle manager, first-line manager or specialist with management potential and ambition who is interested in development cooperation with a mentor who is a senior manager from another organisation in order to discuss important topics.

Our Trainers – will bring you together by using the personality and manager profile assessment and provide support as well as developing and horizon-broadening activities.


What will the mentor get?


  • Analysis of their mentor and leadership profile – awareness of their strengths, potential and possible risks.
  • Learning by doing – better understanding of mentorship opportunities and acquired coaching techniques applied into practice.
  • Possibility to share their experience and knowledge with the mentee, i.e. a manager from another organisation.
  • Contribution to the realisation of the mentee’s development plans on a personal, as well as organisational level.
  • Exchange of experiences with other managers and development of personal network, as well as learning community.
  • Gained experience in receiving coaching and the opportunity to deal with topics that are important for them.
  • Support from a member of the mentor group as well as a possibility to take a role as a development partner for another senior manager within the group.
  • Possibility to challenge their limits and get to know themselves better.
  • Acquired skills that can be used in their everyday work as a senior manager.


What will the mentee get?


  • A personal mentor who focuses on their needs and goals, and with whom important subjects can be discussed.
  • Analysis of their leadership profile and potential, awareness of possible development directions.
  • The opportunity to think about their career goals.
  • Exchange of experiences with other managers and development of personal network, as well as learning community.
  • Possibility of site-visits to participants’ organisations.
  • Support from a member of the mentee group as well as a possibility to take a role as a development partner for another person within the group.


Mentoring for Leaders – program




  • There are two groups in the program: mentors and mentees.
  • The groups will meet in separate workshops and at joint events.
  • Every mentor and mentee will have an assigned partner from the other group (a mentor or mentee) with whom they will hold individual mentoring meetings from February to June 2020.


Inspiring workshops


  • Discussion focus on Leadership/management, using relevant examples from Latvia and the rest of the world.
  • The nature of the manager’s development, mentoring and coaching will be revealed by listening to guest speakers, discussing watched films and engaging in group activities.
  • The participants will speak about their goals and challenges as managers, mentors or mentees, and share their experiences in supervision groups.
  • Mentors will have opportunity to train coaching and mentoring skills in Coaching Labs safe and supportive atmosphere.




  • The opening event of the program is where the participants meet their mentors or mentees for the first time.
  • The mentors and mentees visit a couple of organisations.
  • The final event of the program is where the participants will look back at their time together and give acknowledgement to each other.




  • Every mentor-mentee pair will be assigned a support person who will look after them during the entire program. The mentors will receive a personal coaching session.
  • Our trainers will carry out an individual leadership and mentor profile analysis.
  • Our trainers will match the mentor and mentee pairs.


Schedule of the program:


Event Mentors Mentees
Collective opening event 22.01.2021 22.01.2021
I Workshop 22.01.2021 29.01.2021
II Workshop 12.02.2021 19.02.2021
III Workshop 12.03.2021 26.03.2021
Supervision groups 16.04.2021 16.04.2021
IV Workshop 14.05.2021
V Workshop 11.06.2021
Collective final event 11.06.2021 11.06.2021




Mentors:  3’200 EUR + VAT

Activities included

Mentor profile analysis

5 workshops – full day event

Supervision group

5-6 Meetings with a mentee

Collaboration with the development partner

Individual Coaching session

Any additional support needed to enhance the mentoring process

Visiting organizations


Mentees:  2’400 EUR + VAT

Activities included

Leader potential/profile analysis

3 workshops – 4 h per day

Supervision group

5-6 Meetings with a mentor

Collaboration with the development partner

Visiting organizations


Our Team


Betija Līduma

Program Manager and Designer, Trainer and Coach/Supervisor

Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant

Lumina Learning Practitioner

Igors Rautmanis

Program Trainer and Coach/Support Person

Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant

Gallup Strengths Coach

Liena Krūmiņa

Program Coordinator

Piret Jamnes

Coach/Support Person/Program Designer

Partner and Leading consultant, head of Leadership development team

Fontes PMP/Estonia

Career development and Leadership lecturer, Tallinn University

Tiiu Allikvee

Coach/Support Person/Program Designer

Leading consultant Fontes PMP/Estonia

Board member, Estonian Chamber of Mentors


Guest Speakers


Thomas Bothe

Leadership Communication Trainer and Coach

Author –

Gunnar Toomemets

Fontes Estonia Mentoring Program Trainer and Program Designer/Leader

Member of the Board, Estonian Chamber of Mentors

Sandra Lāce

Experienced Mentor and Supervisor, “Inner Wings”


and other experienced leaders and leadership development experts…




Cooperation Partners

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