Interactive Workshops for Teams

Lumina Spark Workshop is highly interactive and fun experience in which participants explore who they are using an individualized psychometric profile tool called a Lumina Spark Portrait.


The team is lead through a series of exercises to deepen their understanding of Lumina Model which focuses on individual and interpersonal mastery, stress response, and communication skills.


During the workshop all team members will get new and exciting ways how to enhance the working relationships within the team.

By the end of the process team members will:

  • Understand themselves at a deeper level
  • Appreciate the strengths and development areas in themselves and others
  • Develop emotional intelligence by increasing their sensitivity to each other, reducing judgment and increasing respect of others
  • Value diversity within the team by better understanding of team members who seem to have diametrically opposed personality traits
  • Understand each other’s preferred communication strategies
  • Identify and own strengths of the team as well as priority development areas
  • Agree and commit to individual and team action plans in order to strengthen team effectiveness