Supervision and Coaching
for Individuals and Teams

My supervision and coaching work is based on the belief that every person has internal resources to find answers how to deal with challenging situations, both personal and professional. Time to reflect on yourself and the situation from different perspectives, a comfortable and safe environment, as well as moral support are the circumstances in which everyone can better understand the problem, recognize and change their usual behavior patterns, recognize their values and true desires, and see their own internal potential and possible solutions to achieve the goals set.

Supervision for supervisors, coaches and/or mentors

Supervision is the interaction that occurs when a supervisor, coach or mentor brings their coaching or mentoring work experiences to a supervisor in order to be supported and to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the supervisor, coach or mentor, their clients and their organisations. 


The purpose of supervision is to enhance the wellbeing, and develop the practice of supervisors, coaches or mentors of all levels of experience.  Supervision is a powerful vehicle for deep learning: its benefits extend beyond the supervisee and include their clients and sponsoring organisations.

The functions of supervision described by Hawkins and Smith (2013):

  1. The Developmental Function
    Concerned with development of skills, understanding and capacities of the supervisor / coach / mentor.
  2. The Resourcing Function
    Providing a supportive space for the supervisor /coach / mentor to process the experiences they have had when working with clients.
  3. The Qualitative Function
    Concerned with quality, work standards and ethical integrity.

Team Supervision / Coaching

Team Supervision / Coaching is a team development process to promote collaboration, efficiency and quality of work in order to improve team performance and achievement of common goals.

Team Supervision/Coaching is a very good support for teams in situations when it’s necessary:

  • create a common vision for the future, common goals and action plan;
  • arrange the structure – responsibilities, roles and resources;
  • resolve mutual conflicts or problem situations;
  • learn more effective ways of communication and collaboration;
  • unlock the potential of the team through the disclosure of individual talents;
  • prepare the team for changes and support it through the change process;
  • promote mutual trust and reliability;
  • build a cohesive, self-motivated and loyal team;
  • create an environment for generating new approaches and innovative ideas.

Group Supervision

Group Supervision is an excellent support process for specialists or managers (from different departments or organisations) to develop their professional competencies, allowing to use both, group members’ individual and joined resources (knowledge, experience) to address individual professional difficulties or work-related issues that are important to all members of the group.