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Betija Līduma

Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant

Lumina Learning Practitioner

Manager and Designer of the Mentoring Program for Leaders “Coaching+”


Since 2010 I have been supporting leaders‘ personal and professional development through coaching, supervision, mentoring and interactive trainings.


I am passionate about possibility to help people to discover their own resonance – rising awareness of their strengths as well as weaknesses and how these traits impact others.


I get inspired by opportunity to bring the best from people and to encourage them to stretch their competencies in order to increase quality of their performance and relationships as well as to reach their personal and professional goals.

An extensive experience in leadership competence assessment and development field working with a wide range of international organisations.



Intercultural Supervision, Coaching and Organisation Development Training, University of Tallinn, Institut für Supervision Organisation Komunikation Der Rote Faden 

Master’s degree in Social Psychology, University of Latvia


”Real human freedom is our willingness to pause between the events in our lives and the response we choose” /Rollo May/

Clients who trust



Ints Krasts

Member of the Board, SEB banka


“It is always an honour and great pleasure to work with Betija. Demanding, passionate, and very, very open, Betija has the great capability of being able to “walk into other’s shoes”. She is a real personal development expert. Her care about others is not only her profession, it is her passion. Great business partner for employees of any company with ambitions. The new External Mentorship program is an excellent possibility for experienced leader to get out of comfort zone, test one’s horizons, and also at the same time help someone with aspirations to gain maturity, experience and different perspectives.”


Harolds Bulmanis

 General Manager, SIA SunCrisp (Part of Frupor Group of Companies)


“I had the opportunity to work with Betija directly in 2019 in the context of the “Coaching+” program as a mentor in the continuous learning program. Betija had several roles in the program  – as program leader, organiser, trainer / presenter, as well as, in my case, recruiting me for this program and being my personal coach for the program as a mentor. As an organiser and leader Betija is persistent with gentle but firm follow up; as a trainer and presenter she is engaging and relaxed; as a coach she patiently listens but is not afraid to challenge you. I trust Betija, which allows for an open and honest dialogue that sometimes results in being out of my comfort zone where ultimately true learning happens. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again and value our ongoing dialogue and professional relationship.”

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